Preview from results folder

While JIPipeData allows you to define a custom function for previewing, this only works for data already present in memory. To allow previewing of data stored in a results folder, you need to suppy a JIPipeResultDataSlotPreviewUI that loads the data from disk and generates a preview. We recommend to use JIPipeAsyncResultDataPlotPreviewUI This class will offload the loading and preview generation into a separate thread to prevent the UI from freezing. By default it will use the already defined importFrom(Path) method present in the JIPipeData class and use its already defined preview function.

You can override the data loading and other methods for customization.

public class MyDataPreviewUI extends JIPipeAsyncResultDataPlotPreview {

    public MyDataPreviewUI(JTable table) {


The preview class is registered as last argument of registerDataType():

@Plugin(type = JIPipeJavaExtension.class)
public class MyExtension extends JIPipeDefaultJavaExtension {

    // ... See previous tutorial for other methods
    public void register() {
        // The last null parameter will be handled in the next tutorial
        registerDataType("my-data", MyData.class, ResourceUtils.getPluginResource("/icons/data-types/data-type.png"), MyDataDataSlotRowUI.class, MyDataPreviewUI.class);