Slot definition

This document describes the properties of the JSON API object. You also can access the document in JSON Schema format: slot-definition.schema.json

Defines a data slot

slot-data-type: string

The data type ID of the data stored in this slot

slot-type: string , x ∈ { Input , Output }

Determines if the slot is an input or an output

inherited-slot: object

Only valid for output slot. Defines from which slot to inherit the data type. Can be '*' to select the first available slot.

name: string

Unique slot name

custom-name: object

User-customizable name. Only displayed in UI.

inheritance-conversions: object [object Object]

Only valid for slot inheritance. Applies conversiuons to the inherited type. Must contain map from input data type ID to output data type ID. Conversion is a finite text replacement system.


  "slot-data-type" : "imagej-imgplus-2d",
  "slot-type" : "Output",
  "inherited-slot" : "Input",
  "inheritance-conversions": {
    "imagej-imgplus-2d-greyscale-mask": "imagej-imgplus-2d-greyscale-8u"
  "name" : "Output"