Filesystem algorithms

The JIPipe standard library contains data types and algorithms to apply file system operations. The common use case is to extract the list of input files for the following algorithms.

The filesystem library has two basic data types:

In the Add data menu you can define one file/folder or a list of files/folders.

We recommend to create a list of files/folders. This makes it easier to scale your workflow up.

Drag any set of files or folders into the graph editor to create corresponding file/folder data source algorithms.

File/folder manipulation algorithms

The standard library comes with various algorithms that apply common operations to input filesystem data. This includes listing the files in a folder, filtering files/folders, or navigating to a subfolder. They are placed in the Filesystem category.

Automated relativization

File and folder data source algorithms by default store absolute paths. If you save your project in a parent folder where the data is stored, the paths are automatically converted into relative paths that make data transfer between devices easier.


It is helpful to add data annotations to the file data at some point. This allows algorithms and users to assign data rows to an unique data set. See the annotation standard library documentation for more information.