Multi-parameter algorithms

Most algorithms allow handling of multiple parameters via an additional slot that can be optionally enabled. You can find the setting in an algorithm’s settings as Multiple parameters. On selecting the item, a new slot will appear that consumes parameter data.

Multi-parameter algorithm

To define parameters, use the algorithms found in Add data > Parameters. There are currently two data source algorithms available:

  1. Define parameter defines a single set of parameters
  2. Define multiple parameters lets you define a table of parameters

Use Process > Merge > Merge slots to merge multiple parameter sets.

Defining parameters

Both data sources require you to determine which parameters should be created. To do this, add parameters into the Parameters section (red box).

For Define multiple parameters, there is an additional element (blue box) that contains a parameter table. Each row represents a parameter set, while a column represents a parameter type. Columns can be added by adding parameters into the Parameters section.

You can leave the table empty. In this case, the parameters are extracted from the ‘Parameters’ section.

Select a table cell to open the parameter editor below the table.

There are following buttons available:

Multi-parameter algorithm