Explains how to setup a Python node.

Tutorial: Python

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Accompanying data and project for the tutorial 'Python'.
This guide was written for JIPipe version 1.74.0 or newer
Illustration of the tutorial step

About Python nodes

Load the example pipeline. When additional processing is necessary, e.g., with the results table, Python code can also be applied.

As an example, add the Python script (iterating) node (red arrow 1) to the pipeline and connect it to the Find particles node. The Script field (red rectangle 2) will, e.g., print the table into the Log window of JIPipe (red arrow 3), and puts the table into the node’s output slot (red arrow 4).

Python (and also R) nodes are currently under heavy development and beta-testing. Please report any issue you encounter.

Extensive changes are planned with the introduction of improved data management features.